DJ crelm in english

As a dj every new event challenges me, not to disappoint you and your guests, at best to make you happy. With a lower demanding I don't accept a new booking, especially to please my customer.

Since 1995 the music I choose plays on a huge diversity of parties, since 1995 no organizer was disappointed. To keep this level I restrict myself to that kind of music I am used to and feel good with. For everything else there are a lot of other DJs, who are more confident and simply better in the music they play.

The songs I can tag songs are a high priority to me. I do without the most industrially made radiorubbish, as well as I do without the so called 'Mallorca-music', limited on a straight beat and a catchy refrain, only made for an increasing alcohol consumption. For this there are also better DJs than me.

Rockmusic, pophits, soulpearls and funky rhythms are on my agenda. On this homepage you will find a few examples. I explicitly don't play charts, no hip-hop, no r'n'b or blackmusic, neither techno nor trance, house and so on.

My goal at every party is to mix a cocktail of known and surprising hits from the 60ies to the 90ies. The most important and challenging thing I do behind the mixing console is to combine good songs to a dancable unit in a feelable dramatic arc.

With booking me a full service is included. In the preparatory state we talk about the musik, I am open for wishlists in advance to the event, as well as for spontanious wishes during the party. I rent the technical equipment if needed, according to the public room and requirement. The installation, disassembly and all
transports are organized and carried out by me. You as the customer or your guests won't recognize or have to pay attention to it. The festivity ends when you decide it, that's how long the music will play. Neither is the technical equipment included in my salary, nor a time limit with a pitfall. Prior to the arrival of the first
guest, I start. After the last guest has left, I go. All inclusive.

If I have sparked your interest, I would be happy about an e-mail to start further contact. I'm also glad about questions or incitations under crelm777(at) or in the contact section.


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